Opening dolccio!

By: admin On: February 06, 2013 In: news Comments: 0

A dream made reality. We opened our ice café in Calella. This little town in the region of the Maresme, in Barcelona province, is a nice location at the sea, with lively streets and a pedestrian zone in the town centre inviting you to walk through it.

It is a yogurt shop  on the go where you can enjoy frozen yogurt, smoothies, crepes and other delicious take aways. You may want to share our sweets with someone or simply give yourself  a treat. And it is absolutely healthy, no worries about that.

Everything has been prepared from the start: the toppings in place, fresh sliced fruit, hot chocolate, fresh yoghourt… We only need someone to share it with: you.  Visit DOLCCIO now, share a smile with us and … come back!!

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