A perfect summer

By: admin On: February 25, 2014 In: Health and Welfare Comments: 0

We’ll tell you our 5 steps to enjoy an excellent summer:

1. Power hydration.
Hydration is the key to feel good. You have to drink a lot because heat makes you sweat more than usual. What about a refreshing iced drink?

2. Protect yourself from the sun. With the nice weather  we like being outside as much as possible, but remember that too much sun exposure can damage your skin. Avoid being outside between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, when UV light is strongest. Stay in the shade and take a break. Go to a cool place: come to see us!

3. Bye bye stress. Studying, working and so on is stressing. Make some exercise to relax yourself: go for a little walk, listen to music, have a nap… Everything which helps you to come down is good for you. And we can try to help with a bit of … chocolate !!??

4. Eat healthy. O.k., we should do that the whole year, but lack of time and other factors act sometimes against our good will.  That’s why we remind you of eating fresh fruit, vegetables. Then apart from a beautiful skin, you’ll get an extra portion of vitamins A, C and E.

5. Come on, give yourself  a treat! Nobody can say no to a bit of… sweet!

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